Gundry MD Prebiothrive Reviews – Does It Work?

PrebioThrive is hailed from Gundry MD, a company founded by its namesake with the aim to significantly improve human health, happiness, and longevity. Or basically what every other CEO of a health supplement company says. PrebioThrive itself is described as a cutting-edge formula, but we’ll be the judge of that. Pro-gut benefits. It lists down the basics of what prebiotics can do. Free of the nasty stuff. Good for those allergic to soy or hate sugar and artificial sweeteners. Available in 3 sizes. 30 days, 90 days, and 180-day supplies.

These benefits are all inter-related. If you can fix imbalances in your gut microbiome and promote the growth of “good” gut bacteria, then you will have better digestion, more energy, and so on. This is how all prebiotics work. Your gut microbiome controls many aspects of health and performance. PrebioThrive claims to promote overall health by fixing an imbalanced gut.

Our research team decided to find out. We looked at the ingredients and compared them to clinical trials for effectiveness. Read Prebiothrive reviews on MS Smart. Is PrebioThrive, which promises “smooth digestion,” worth the hefty price tag? We summarized our findings for you here.

PrebioThrive Ingredients

PrebioThrive contains five main ingredients, all prebiotics:

  • Acacia gum: This natural gum comes from the acacia tree and is a highly soluble fiber that has been used to lower cholesterol, improve irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and promote weight loss (3). Agave inulin: This form of dietary fiber comes from the agave plant and has been shown to promote healthy bacteria in the gut (4).
  • Flaxseed: These small seeds contain omega-3s as well as soluble and insoluble fiber. They can also support healthy gut bacteria and help lower cholesterol, and contain anti-cancer and antioxidant properties (5, 6).
  • Galactooligosaccharides (GOS): This prebiotic is made up of sugars from dairy products and plants like beans and root vegetables. It’s often used as a sweetener, or to treat a variety of gut conditions, including constipation, IBS and ulcerative colitis (7).
  • Guar gum: This highly soluble fiber is extracted from guar beans and acts as a bulk-forming laxative. It’s been shown to stimulate the growth of healthy gut bacteria and has been used to promote regular bowel movements and treat IBS (8, 9).
  • PrebioThrive uses all organic ingredients and is free of sugar, soy, lectin, and artificial sweeteners. It also contains milk.

Prebiothrive Customer Reviews

This is where we really get to know more about Prebiothrive and what people who have bought it and tried it think. I looked for reviews on the Gundry MD website and found no negative reviews for the product, but of course, any feedback would be screened to ensure sales aren’t affected. There are 633 reviews on their own site.

Some Prebiothrive reviews are penned by people in the medical field who claim to need to have evidence-based facts before they take a product. This definitely gives the product further clout, and the people at Gundry have been clever in ensuring they cherry-pick the reviews to ensure their products are endorsed by such professionals.

Reviewers claim that Prebiothrive helps with conditions such as IBS, digestive reflux and general bowel health (increased or improved bowel movement). There are 26 reviews on Amazon, 13 of which are 5-star and the average being 3.6. A one-star reviewer on Amazon claims that the product doesn’t dissolve adequately in water. Another says ‘It’s gritty and took a little to get used to but it works great in a smoothie’.